About Center for People

Paving the way beyond poverty.

Center for People is here to break cycles of poverty and help people in Lincoln achieve lasting economic independence. We make it happen in three ways: Life Needs, Talent Marketplace, and Community Involvement.

  1. Life Needs
    You can’t pursue your dreams for tomorrow if you don’t have what you need today – from healthy food to diapers, clothing, and support. This was our focus when Center for People started in 2003. It’s what we’ve become known for, and we’re really good at it.
  2. Talent Marketplace
    In our next 20 years, we’re growing to help others toward economic independence. This includes education and training to help people advance to better careers and better lives, as well as the professional development and partnerships to connect them with Employers of Choice.
  3. Community Involvement
    We’re here for the people of Lincoln, and over the years, they’ve been here for us too. There are so many ways to be a part of Center for People. In fact, some of our most inspiring stories are of people who came here as clients, improved their situation, then went on to become our volunteers and partners.

Food Distribution

No one should go to bed hungry. Center for People distributes healthy foods at no cost. We’ll also help you find ways to avoid food insecurity and become “food wise.”

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As a proud partner of the Nebraska Diaper Bank, we help cover your baby’s needs from newborn to six months.


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Talent Marketplace

Discover our education and training programs to help transition from low-wage jobs to stable careers with Employers of Choice.

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Helpful Hands

“I was visiting the Center for food when someone told me SNAP qualifications had changed. They set me up with an appointment for Client Assistance, and Salim walked me through the whole application.



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