The life you want is out there.

Talent Marketplace can help you find it.

Economic independence has many factors, but none are more important than access to education and professional development. That’s what Center for People’s Talent Marketplace is all about. We’re here to help you take lasting, life changing steps with:

  • No-cost educational programs and support that help you qualify for better work
  • Career development resources that connect you to Employers of Choice

Education & Training

No-cost preparation for well-paying, high-demand roles in skilled trades, logistics, healthcare, technology, and business.

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Career Connections

Get ready to impress employers with no-cost resume coaching, mock interviews, and skills development workshops.

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Employers of Choice

Center for People has pre-vetted a select group of local employers who will treat you right and help you grow.

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Degree Achieved!

“The POP Scholarship was amazing. It completely paid for my associate degree. It also provided wrap-around coverage for food distribution, internet access, and gas vouchers to go back and forth from Milford. Every little bit helped. 


Joseph Rott

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