POP Scholarship Program

Breaking the poverty cycle through education.

Education is the key to helping people break out of the poverty cycle. The People Obtaining Prosperity scholarship program – or POP for short – is an extremely successful partnership between Center for People and Southeast Community College. Through POP, participants can attend SCC and earn their associate’s degree tuition-free! Center for People also provides some basic needs to remove barriers that might prevent people from pursuing their education. 

Now in its 10th year, this program has already helped more than 600 students earn their associate’s degree and launch careers in  healthcare, office administration, computer technology, and many other fields. These practical degrees lead to better employment, increased income, and economic independence – our ultimate goal for everyone who passes through our doors.

Food, Diapers, & Degrees

Shana and Eric both worked multiple jobs to support their small family. But now, with rising prices, they can’t afford to buy enough food for their family. “It was hard to admit we needed help, but the Center made it easy to get food and diapers,” said Shana.


Shana and Eric

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