Opening Doors

“The first week I was kind of timid and shy, I didn’t want to come out of my shell. The Opening Doors staff, they made it comfortable and made me feel like somebody.
At the end of my core class and graduation, I wanted to come back for a second one because the staff was friendly and motivated to help me.

You feel like you can redeem what you did in the past . . . By the time I was done with my core class, the staff gave me the confidence to feel like I was able to be a successful person in society.

I’m currently in my second job because of the help building my resume and the certificates.

You should check out the Opening Doors program if you haven’t been employed or you have trouble explaining your criminal history. This is a place to help you work on your resume. It also helps you with your interview skills, and hopefully gives you the keys to be successful in the workforce.”

– Danny Kincaid